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The Lost Chapter

Greetings everyone,

Many of you have reached out to me sharing your curiosity about events lived by other characters while Jonek was far away taking his first steps into the quest. Even though my main focus for the last several months has been to complete the second installment of the series (Our Young Guardians: The Fifth Journal), I was compelled by your voices and decided to share with everyone a Lost Chapter from Seven & Two.

It is now available for free to all mailing list subscribers at




Everything I know about the story of Our Young Guardians was left behind by Jonek. But as I ventured into his faded words, I began to find fragments of paper and a few long letters carefully guarded by the bound pages left by him.

These pieces filled with strange words, markings and drawings, ended up being other recollections of the quest seen from the eyes of a few close to him. Narratives that indeed deserve their own place in our journey. After dwelling with the idea for some time, I've decided to share them with you the way I believe Jonek cherished them; as Lost Chapters in his story.​

–"True friends can hear your voice, even when you are silent."

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