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Jonek and his friends. A year into the journey.

Well, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I published Our Young Guardians: Seven & Two. These last twelve months have been intense but I’m happy to say that I’ve found very productive rhythms for both my career and this great trade. For sure my life is less hectic compared to a year ago.

I’m happy to report that writing/editing the second installment is going as planned but I am a bit behind finishing the art. As you may know, sketching hasn’t been my forte, but I’ll keep “chipping the rock” until the images look appropriate for the book.

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it has been to meet readers and listen to every thought, feeling and wish that my story has triggered throughout its short life. Every piece of feedback—no matter its tone and color—has helped me grow and strive to become a better storyteller. That is my wish.

Honoring a commitment I made to a few of you, I’ll use my blog to answer the questions I’ve received most frequently. No spoilers of course. I’ll keep it simple and just add color and detail for your benefit.

I’ll try to answer at least three questions every month.

Thank you for staying by my side as I travel this path.



Reader's Questions. September, 2017

1.- How does a Ramikha sounds like?

[RS] All I can say is that when Jonek plays his Ramikha, angels probably stop what they are doing and listen from the heavens. A Ramikha sounds very much like a Quena (Incan traditional flute). It would ensnare your senses in a heartbeat.

2.- Jonek carries his disk in his clothes. Where exactly? How big are his pockets?!

[RS] Jonek kept that disk by his belly. The way he tucked his shirt in his leggings made it safe for him to carry it there—although, I always thought it must’ve been annoying for him to feel it rubbing against his skin while running. Garments in those years had many peculiar pockets.

3.- In the beginning of the book, you mentioned that a Zatokam priest was standing on Jonek’s chest. How did Jonek managed that?

[RS] Zatokam priests came from many races. That priest was just over two feet tall and I guess he climbed on top of Jonek to use his chest as a stage to deliver his “motivational" speech.



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